Ah! Can't help to go through January without thinking about traveling. Sure that after last year's amount of plane rides I had to slow down, otherwise there would be left little to invest in other areas of my life. Such as my closet. These Valentino have been in my wantlist for the longest time. Switching colours, but always the same design. From girly times pink, to minimal times total black. I even found myself wanting the beige ones when I had my peak of boho-chic.

You never know what is self love until you start shopping good quality for yourself. I remember when I switch from what you call "teenager" clothing - when I had lots of clothing from brands the usual teenager can afford - and went to Massimo Dutti to get new basics for my wardrobe. From that day I knew that clothing was more than key words (by which I mean, a black pair of low rise skinny jeans can be many things and not just one) What a strange thing to discover. 

Once you know better you do better, right? Except if you can't keep up with the size of your closet. So, obviously since then, I've been generously taking what I don't like off my closet. I still do it. A closet that is not cleaned often enough, can destroy your style. If you're left with a pair of jeans and a shirt after selecting what should go, I can only assume you've been dressing far from your taste. 

We usually hear people saying that quality is expensive, but getting 5 shirts instead of 2 good ones that would last longer is the real expensive move. When you shop at your local supermarket, would you rather have a good strong bag to take your groceries and bring it back again the next time, or to receive lots of smaller ones for free that could break in your way home? And believe me, you won't be sad with less if less means better. (plus, if you travel you might be able to fit it all in!)

That being said, I still shop at Zara. That's the lower I'll go in a very picky way. The reason? Zara is excellent with trends, and trends don't last long. Plus, price-quality convinces me. 

About the look, today I am wearing this beautiful long shirt I found in Zara recently. Surprisingly I could not find the link for you, so if any of you finds it please, leave it in the comments. The bag is from Massimo Dutti, it came from my mother's closet believe it or not. She's such a young soul. To finish the look, I added this headpiece from Rock n' Rose as a long necklace. The Valentino just fitted the mood. 

White Shirt Dress: Zara (similar• Rhinestone Headchain: Rock N' Rose • Green Fedora: Zara (similar here and here) • Leather Bag: Massimo Dutti (similar here and here• Rock Stud Heels: Valentino (Forzieri)

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