It's Wednesday morning and it is just about 25 degrees outside, the air breaths tropical island as it should. After spending the entire Christmas avoiding sleeveless tops to not ruin the Holiday mood (but dying to change into one as quick as possible), there comes a cold wave.

About 3 days ago it got so cold it started snowing in the mountains, we got so excited about it, we even went there to see it. I was hoping to share it all with you. But the streets were closed, and all we got to see was a super rainy mountain and lots of sleet. 

Although it is not the best idea to make photos on a rainy day, (mostly when it is sunny 24/7) it was so unexpected and reminded me so much of London (haha) - we had to register what I put on the second we decided to leave. 

About the look, the moment I realised it was starting to get cold the first thing that popped into my mind was my black furry sweater! It's one of those pieces you can only wear when it is freezing otherwise you will be sweating in the cold. Haven't worn these flared jeans since last Summer. I have so many black jeans, I always forget I have these. Making it totally black always seems a bit boring to me, so my instinct was to wear a nicely fitted cut-off sweater inside in case it would get too hot suddenly. The result was classy laid-back look, on which the top sweater works almost as a scarf. It was quick, easy and super comfortable - the perfect match for a cold rainy day.

Burgundy Sweater: Mango (similar• Faux Fur Sweater: Zara (similar here and here) • Flared Jeans: Similar here and here  Leather Boots: Massimo Dutti (similar)

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