Can't go to the gym today, I am honestly so upset. After a week out of London (aka without going to the gym) I was looking forward to awake my muscles and feel strong again. There's nothing like that feeling after a good workout, it gets addicting after a while. However I've been feeling these weird symptoms around my chest, and to be honest with you I hate talking about heart problems I had a few minor complications in the past that if I spoke about would me more interesting and relatable, but I don't want to be a symbol of a condition if that makes sense.
So having this somewhat scary event today that when summed up with a few other symptoms I've been having in the past couple weeks, I am feeling a bit pushed against the wall. But hopefully, everything is fine. 

As you already know I launched a few designs a few weeks ago. I made them available right away although we are still working on the proper product pictures (that by the way, look so amazing!). Anyways, I am such a perfectionist, it took me way too long to get these right, I've been trying out different types of t-shirts comparing cuts, fabrics, styles, and tones of color. I wanted to make sure they looked as close to what I had in mind as possible. And I am honestly so excited, I've been wearing them like crazy and the shop is not even set up perfectly yet. Another cool thing is that you might be able to get your own t-shirt from my collection at Asos which is SO insane! I am so looking forward to that. And in two weeks I will be flying again to go shoot the new designs, hopefully, share a sneak peak on Instagram and who knows make another crazy video like this one. Haha