It's been a crazy weekend. I feel like I lived a full week in the last 3 days. Despite going to bed late, and waking up late AF (bare with me while I explain myself with keywords) I still managed to keep going to the gym and to wake up early this morning. I usually love Mondays more than the next person, as it kind of annoys me sometimes not being able to finish off things, or simply get them solved ASAP. Just having to wait all weekend for a couple few things to get going can be a bit annoying sometimes.

Regardless, I think maybe a bit out of impulse we managed to book some mini-holidays for the next weekend. (Well, at least that was open! haha) We will be doing the beach thing with sand and everything, and hopefully riding bicycle everywhere since I won't be going to the gym on that weekend. 

If you've been following me on Instagram, you probably can tell that these photos are not for the last 3 days, since I managed to get a tan faster that I was expecting. I went to the beach about three times recently and the tan is already impressive (mostly for someone with such light skin) I guess I never really tanned to much because I couldn't get myself still, doing nothing from the moment I woke up till the moment I went to sleep. (TBH I am still quite like that! haha)

About the look, this top might not be surprise to most of you, I've been raving about it for a while now, as it is the perfect mix of trends (off shoulder, denim, ruffles) It looks good with so many things! The 'choker' thing, is in reality a scarf headband that I tighten on the back of my neck. I've been doing this since, forever! I just like how it gives an interesting twist to the usual type of choker. The amount of colours in this one in specific went so well with my Faye handbag from Chloe. Because I wanted to keep the look fresh/holiday but still on-the-go I paired everything with white pants and black leather mules. 

Denim Off-Shoulder Top: Zara (Similar• Print Headband: Similar here and here • White Pants: Michael Kors • Faye Bag: Chloé • Leather Mules: 3.1 Phillip Lim • Bracelets: Similar here and here

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