It has been an intense week, one of those you keep asking what day it is. I really lost track of the days thinking in so many things at the same time. It really feels like things are changing.

I remember some years ago a friend I had told me I was different and that I changed, and I remember saying, I didn't changed I am just becoming more of who I am. And I was, I was discovering myself and letting it all out, expressing my ideas and taste in many different ways. If you would compare it to today you would see it was nothing. It never felt more as close to 'home' as it feels right now. I am doing things I love doing, and I am very happy with how things are turning out. I discovered that not wanting to control things as much as I used to is way more enjoyable. And after all, we just want to live a good story. 

We are constantly wishing for more and we often forget to look around and see how much we already got from life, it can be overwhelming to think that you were given this much. It's as if we are constantly asking for new things but we forget to enjoy them once they happen. So I really have been taking it all in and looking at things with new eyes. And in some way learning to trust the natural way of life.

About the look, I had the pleasure to receive this skirt on the mail from Alice's Pig, it fits so nicely! The material feels almost like suede, and the best part is that the tag says "made in wonderland". The embossed print reminded me of the cave drawings from the paleo era, so I thought I would make some sort of raw look. Kept my hair natural (it was actually still wet when we left to make these photos) the sunset went so well with the leather, raffia and suede materials.

White Top: Similar here and here • Suede Skirt: Alice's Pig (similar) • Choker: Similar here and here • Bangle: Similar here and here • Round Sunglasses: Zara (similar• Roman Wedges: Massimo Dutti (similar)

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In collaboration with Alice's Pig