I often think that the night is more alive and more richy coloured that the day
— Vincent Van Gogh

If you are one of those girls who find it easier to stay awake till 6 am than to wake up at 6 am I am with you. It is definitely easier to concentrate at night, nothing is going on, there’s really not much you can do apart from either work or procrastinate, two things that if you are a night owl, you get more enjoyment doing it during the night.

I really want to pick up this theme today to show you that wrong is just a belief. 

Chances are you grew up with people telling you that staying awake during the night is bad, and sleeping till noon its even worst because you are loosing the day and not being productive. 

I say do whatever works best for you, if you can really get things done during the night then there is no problem to be solved. If you can have some time alone relaxing, watching your favourite show, do it. Do it as often as you need, if you can’t sleep, use that time, don’t beat yourself over it. It simply means you have more energy than you expected.

Night Owls are as awesome as Early Birds! Both of them do great in life once they realise how something considered bad or undoable can work wonderfully to them. 

Look at your faults as if they were unique characteristics that you were given and see what great things you have accomplished through them. If you have OCD for example that really annoys you at times, I would look at you and tell you that you have amazing organisational skills, and if I were to have someone organising my closet it would be you. And If you had Alzheimer I would tell you all of my secrets and the most beautiful moments of my life over and over and you would be the best listener. I used to have a friend when I was in high school and everyone would tell me that she was a lier, however I was very close friends with her, for me she was a storyteller at times it was entertaining. We were both having fun, and that’s what mattered.

I am sure you will think that your problems are different, but make an effort and look at them with love, you deserve that. You really need to understand that there is good in everything. Get used to search for good as we would search for Wally. It is there, even when you can’t see it. Owning your faults will make you more authentic because you will stop hiding the bad things and they will rise beautifully. 

There’s something really powerful about being by ourselves. If you can be by yourself you can be with anyone. And if the only time you get during your 24 hours to spend time with the best person in your world is at night, go ahead and do it.

It’s everything for tonight, I hope you enjoyed. See you in the next one.