Jevelo is a customizable jewellery service. You create your own design using your own photos, drawings or images you found online, and then you make your order. The app puts the design on sharp focus, and you can pick the style and material. I chose round, sterling silver. Their app conceals a seamless manufacturing process that combines some of the latest in high tech manufacturing with traditional jewelsmith techniques. It is great to get as a meaningful gift for a loved one, even if you don't want to wear it in your neck, it is still something special to keep. You can find my designs among many others available to shop in the app, if you are not much into design. However, you should still try to make your own, as it is quite fun and free to try.


To spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design, merging quality, craftsmanship and creativity in just a pair of cosy socks. What is there not to love? The idea of having something fun connected to us that was meant to make us happier, is genius already. It's like a little reminder. Weather it is the pop of colour or the cosiness of being warm and comfy. Could a pair o happy socks improve your happiness? It's definitely worth to try.


Shopping seasonal trends at Zara can be the most guilt free shopping ever possible. When you know what will be trending in a couple of months, you shop ahead and you can still sell it on later! I've been shopping for key items to take to Paris Fashion Week, and there's a couple that inspired me. I am still not sure about the outfits though.. If you would like to shop my clothing I have most of it on Friends Clothing. - it's a great place to shop preloved. 


 To move away from the crowds, to stop following the herd, and to start expressing who you really are. That is the idea behind Yoins. They gathered the top styles and trends from the catwalk and the street, reworked them and created comfortable fashionable clothing at affordable prices. It can be a great option to look for seasonal trends (as they come and go quite fast), like Zara. And if you don't want to risk looking like everyone else, it can be something to to have a look and try.


Massimo Dutti has been a long favourite. Could good quality be more reachable and casual than at Massimo Dutti? It costs as much as UO and Topshop but the quality is SO much better. In therms of style it can be limited as it is focused on a elegant woman (or man) with a touch of equestrian, boho-chic style, that likes to dress in quality and comfort without going overboard.


On a unwavering mission to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness. Sweaty Betty makes premium sportswear for women, combining modern designs with technical fabrics. Being a huge exercising advocate I could not let this one not come to your knowledge. Could a 'Anti-Gravity' pair of leggings make a difference in your workout? Absolutely yes! It's not only the most lightweight pants I have ever tried on, as it doesn't stop ANY movement. Needless to say these were my favourite. Even if you don't usually workout, these are quite possible to convince you to start.