As you all know, every month I receive new clothing and accessories from brands that I am either curious about, believe in their concept or simply love their products. If you've been here for a while, you know how much I love getting to know new brands, try out their products and sharing them with you. I usually like most of the things that are sent to me, since I am picking the brands and items I am interested in, from the beginning. So it is not like I am accepting each collaboration, but more like I am curating from the moment I get contacted. So, if you are like me and enjoy getting to know about different brands with interesting concepts or great unique designs, I am now shifting these new in posts to only things that get sent to me. Might add one or two from other brands now and then, but I won't be mentioning everything that comes in from Zara and Asos for instance. If you want to see me unboxing everything that I receive, you can find me on Snapchat at silveristic, and watch me, as I always unbox these little gifts there. 
Now lets get into it.


A new LA-based label with a refined take on modern bohΓ¨me, combining romantic dresses, textured jackets and embroidered tops, Tularosa is for the wild at heart.  Dreamt up in Silver Lake, California and designed in downtown Los Angeles, Tularosa’s every detail encapsulates a style that is effortless and full of love. The brand seeks the vibrant colours of the Earth, the salty ocean air and the warm sun-rays which all play a strong role in the creation of each uniquely constructed piece. Tularosa is also known as the sister line of contemporary fashion label Lovers + Friends. 


Berals designs animal inspired pom-pom charms without using real fur, giving 10% of all revenue to pet shelters. The idea it self is super fun. Instead of getting another pen or a stress/squeezy ball to help a charity cause, you are getting something that actually looks good and that you will actually use. It was fun to stay updated with the development of the design of the Eva Charm from the beginning and sharing my opinion, it turned out so good! However I am secretly hoping they will make more designs in different colours, as I know some people will want to share their personality through their choices or simply get more than one to match different things. The charm is super pet friendly, you can see pictures of cats playing with it on Berals Instagram!


"An international online store for positive, fashion-forward modern women."  Described as timeless classic designs with a charming vintage touch, Happiness Boutique seems to have all it takes to make it seem as if you had something more than just a pair of earrings or a simple necklace. This design in particular is sturdy enough for one to believe it really belongs to another era. The perfect imperfection gives it such a sense of real vintage, that even I, being such a fashion forward person, found it special. They aim to make us not only look good but also feel good.  Their positivity is definitely a plus, and one of the main reasons I decided to give it a go. 
10% discount: silvergirl until 23/08/16


Based in Los Angeles, Moon River claims to be known for its "clean, natural, and vintage-inspired aesthetic, representing the style and sensibility of a woman with a free spirit crossing the world in style." The designs are super light and fresh, with nice details, making us feel not only comfortable, but special. The brand was actually inspired by the song "Moon River" in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Perhaps the reason why it has a sense of wander, confidence and femininity, making each design a perfect match to some good Spring/Summer holidays.  


The concept is simple, great designs at a low cost price thanks to their innovative selling method. The product arrives to your place not from the company it self, but directly from the fabric, cutting costs not only to the company but for the costumer as well. The brand is originally from France but is now based in Amsterdam. The designs are modern and young, and can be acquired as normal glasses with graduation, or sunglasses. The ones I picked are from their Wood Sunglasses collection, although they are no longer available you seem to now be able to customise your own, making it possible to achieve the same exact result.


They describe themselves as: "..a platform for fans to stay ahead in the fashion world, follow influencers and shop for the most trendy items at an affordable price online.". It is basically a fashion app where you can  follow your favourite bloggers for fashion ideas, and at the same time, gain points that you can then exchange for clothing! The quality of the clothing is far to be comparable to Zara's for instance. However, since you are getting them for free, mind as well have fun with it while it lasts! ;)