Sudio stands for elegant products with studio quality sound and exquisite quality. With four designs available in different colours, Sudio might be the perfect everyday wear for earbuds. The elegance of the product and it's case, with many buds to switch from and adapt to your ear. The sound projects healthy and clear. If you're looking to get some new earphones, use the code SILVERGIRL for 15% discount. 

Massimo Dutti has been a long favourite. Could good quality be more reachable and casual than at Massimo Dutti? It costs as much as UO and Topshop but the quality is SO much better. In therms of style it can be limited as it is focused on a elegant woman (or man) with a touch of equestrian, boho-chic style, that likes to dress in quality and comfort without going overboard.

Mango might be the closest you will get to Zara. The woman who dresses Mango certainly has a good taste but is not looking to spend much. As it is quite similar to Zara, you can find some of the same characteristics: prices can be quite affordable and the pieces easy to match and wear daily; many workwear available as well as evening and everyday. One thing in particular is their new sportswear line meaning you can now get workout clothing while you shop for some heels.

To spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design, merging quality, craftsmanship and creativity in just a pair of cosy socks. What is there not to love? The idea of having something fun connected to us that was meant to make us happier, is genius already. It's like a little reminder. Weather it is the pop of colour or the cosiness of being warm and comfy. Could a pair o happy socks improve your happiness? It's definitely worth to try.