You all know how much I love my palm trees, so being once again surrounded by them brings me such a sense of freedom and inspiration. I think that the weather has a lot to do with it as well, I feel so much more energetic and ready to go when under such climate conditions, it's hard to stay in when the sun is peeking through the window all day.

The other day I went to Zara on the look for some knee high boots, I tried them on and they looked absolutely amazing, but I could never wear them under these 24ºc degrees! I knew I needed to get extra creative if I wanted to play around with my favourite trends this season. When all I could think about in SS17 that I had just witnessed in Paris (so looking forward to it already). I mean, no problem with that but I can't just skip a season! So as some of you have been following on Instagram, my go-to look is to mix them with white fresh pieces, such as white pants or shorts. Going for the right materials in the right colours is definitely key when mixing with basics. So I end up with something sort of like Fall Winter Resort. Can't say I don't like it, to be honest, it has been way more refreshing. And I can't wait to come up with some cool looks as soon as I am reunited with Pedro again. I guess we all miss his photos around here! :)

I bought two coats already since I arrived here although I don't think I will be wearing them anytime soon! The thing is they are such timeless pieces I am sure they will be very useful next time I am back to London or travelling elsewhere.

I would say that my favourite trend this season is definitely the metallics (no wonder Silver Girl!) as well as with the military/rock. These are so easy to play around and make everything else look so much interesting! These effortless pieces dusted with a sense of coolness, it's like dressing like a rock star!

About the look, I had to wear this coat for these photos, it's bad enough I couldn't wear it throughout the day! But beneath it, I have this nice casual romper that despite beeing black, it is quite flowy and fresh. I paired everything with golden jewellery and my favourite leather mules. Elegant, feminine and easy. 

Let me know what would you wear for the Holiday if you were under the same climate? (I am definitely on the look for some inspiration!) a

Animal Print Coat: Zara (similar• Black Playsuit: Zara (similar• Sunglasses: Asos • Watch: Christian Paul • Bracelet: Christian Paul • Leather Mules: 3.1 Phillip Lim

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