Who would have known that there were more photos in a folder waiting to be shared? Probably me, except not. If you're not up to date with the latest, basically I struggled this year to keep my sh*t together.. I'm doing good now, I mean, apart from going to sleep early. Don't really know what happens, but at night everything seems more interesting, or maybe I am just too used to it. Going to bed at midnight feels like going to bed at 8PM (just saying it feels like a total waste of time.. I know, I have a problem..) 

Well ta-da! I had such a good time in Monaco, I just didn't share it at the time like.. 100% there's vlogs and everything! I know, I know.. what have I been doing? No, but honestly, I need to hurry before it feels cringy to look back. One thing I know, I might now disagree with a few things I said on those vlogs, which I haven't watched yet (will go through all of that next week).

I love looking at these photos because they reminded me the days I spent in Monaco and French Riviera in general, I just love Monaco. Mostly when you go up to the Ville, it's absolutely stunning, it's like living in a fairytale (a wealthy one). I am one of those people who appreciate good architecture, although I've never been that much into it, when I travel that is one of the main things that really grab my attention, along with culture and lifestyle. 

I wouldn't say traveling is my thing although I get on an airplane at least once a month and I wish I had a house in almost every big city. Does that make me the big city type? probably..

About the look, at the time I packed a cabin bag with all my essentials for the four cities I visited during that week. It was impressive the fact that I still ended up not wearing it all. This jacket was my absolute go-to since the weather wasn't as nice as I initially predicted. Leggings are such a must when traveling, it just makes any long flight a little more tolerable. As for the Ralph Lauren cap, I was obsessing over it during that trip, but after that, I ended up never wearing it again. I now have a yellow one that I got in Barcelona, it matches my personality better I feel.

Thanks for stopping by, have an awesome week! Next time you hear from me I will be in London! I am traveling back to London this Thursday! Actually feeling anxious about the idea of packing because I am not really sure how long I will stay AND this is still mid season so I will have to pack Summer and Winter clothing.. AND then there's fashion week, London, Milan, and Paris. I will definitely have to make some good choices packing that bag..