I like to think that everything we do is a preparation for something that will come up in the future, even though it is just us making choices all the way. It feels great to think that if I do a lot of something it is a preparation for something bigger in the future. That’s why we say ‘do what you love’, I mean why wouldn’t you? It’s already challenging enough, right? I have been putting less focus on the smaller things and keeping my head up in the bigger purpose, which is to walk towards the things I most love, even those who look untouchable from far.

I can easily get overwhelmed with the idea of wearing a Valentino gown, it’s a brand I always loved. It’s as if it is telling me a story that is so good and with such poise, I simply can’t stop listening. Well I have the shoes now, that once gave me the same overwhelming feeling, so who knows, I might end up looking in the mirror, a few years from now, seeing myself in a long Valentino dress. 

Modern Classic felt just perfect for this look. Wearing a long pleated skirt might be a first for me. I love that Silver Girl challenges me to try clothing that I usually wouldn’t go for and make it work.

The best way to wear a long pleated skirt, is to pair it always with heels to keep yourself tall and elegant, and a well fitted top to continue the elegance. The only thing hidden in terms of volume is your hips and legs, so if you can show how elegant you are in the other areas you are basically slimming yourself. Now if you’ve got chest and arms bigger than your hips, wearing a skirt like this one might not be the most elegant move. What I did here though was to turn it into a dress visually wearing a top of the same colour. For accessories, I would keep the arms free and add jewellery only near the head such as neckline and ears, to balance the look. 

Pleated Skirt: Zara • Green Top: Jean Paul Gaultier (similar• Necklace: Zara • Rock Stud Heels: Valentino (Forzieri)

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