mind your perspective

The other day I found myself looking around and thinking “wow I used to look at my parent’s house in a different way” and then I realised, it wasn’t just the house, it was everything around me. My perception of things changed as I was out there learning and growing. Detached from home and my past it enabled me to grow further than my older expectations.

It is interesting to notice how much a perspective of something that is static can change, simply because the one who is looking at it changed. Your home, your old school and your friends may appear different or even completely changed.

Reality is nothing more, nothing less than a perspective of your surroundings based on our beliefs. Our culture, our values, our religion, our ethnicity. They all shape how we look at the world.

For instance, if your friend is a Christian and he believes that praying every single night will make him a better person that is his reality and it will work for him. At the same time, if you don’t follow any religion or you are an Atheist, praying or not doesn’t matter to you so it will not affect your idea of how good you are. 

This made me think that the things we intend to change in our lives are not the ones to be changed in the first place. The change must occur inside ourselves. It is as simple as shifting our perspective to one that serves us better according to our situation. In other words, when something no longer works for us it simply means that we n¬eed to let it go and move on.

So this week take a step back and take a look at what’s around you, detached from belief and prejudice. You will find that you may be looking at something new and exciting that you couldn’t see. Life is not supposed to be a constant repetition, but a constant evolution. And in order to evolve one must learn, so learn your lesson and move on.

Dream on,