Sliding my feet into those which are likely to be my favourite pair of heels. I got these Valentino a while back when things weren't going so well. I was so overwhelmed when they arrived. I remember not wanting to wear them for almost two weeks, it took me a while to accept the gift that I had given to myself. I've been in love with Valentino for such a long time. I remember going through Vogue, tearing out my favourite campaigns, I would look at images for so long. I have been adding the rockstud design ever since 2012 to my favourites and wishlists, I never pictured that I would end up purchasing them myself so early in my life. There are so many things that can be more important than a pair of shoes, right? But these shoes meant something more.

At the time I was not feeling very motivated with my life, I had given my heart to everything and I was not getting anything back. I certainly had hoped that my investments would turn out positive, but they didn't. While we type and take photos to share with you, life happens and it is not always easy. Sometimes it can be so contrasty that it becomes easier to get sidetracked and forget our purpose. 

When I bought these Valentino, it was morning. I woke up first than everyone else, and as I looked through the window I remember thinking why I started Silver Girl - there is something in fashion and style that makes us feel different, more positive and faithful, believing that things can be different for ourselves as long as we keep going, with a positive mind and a kind heart - to  persevere. Fashion is in some way, motivational. These shoes still represent to me my passion and commitment to make my life all I ever wanted.

It was a bold move at the time, almost as bold as my dreams. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I opened the box. The shoes were beautiful, but what they represented had the most impact. "This is happening, I am not giving up."

About the look, I've been quite into maxi dresses this season, with so many parties and events going on during Summer, I decided to get this one, before any plans on when to wear it. It can easily be styled casual as well, as it is quite minimal despite the pleats. I loved the fact that is is quite light as it has been insanely hot these days. I had to carry a few more things than usual with me this evening, so the golden Pashli from 3.1.Phillip Lim seemed the perfect one to take, although I ended up leaving it in the car after a while, and carrying just my phone for a matter of practicality. 

Long Dress: Massimo Dutti (similar• Pashli Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim • Rock Stud Heels: Valentino • Rhinestone Headchain:  Rock N' Rose • Chain Bracelet: Similar here and here

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