There are just a few things in life that reach the sight satisfaction that a nice car does. I don't know exactly what it is, but from vintage to new, sports to luxury, the aesthetics of cars are extremely attractive to me. If I was a billionaire I would be very tempted to collect them. And in that case, I would have a very good reason to finally get a driving license.
I know exactly what you are thinking, how can I be so into cars and not feel excited about driving? Well you see, one I live in London, there's no way I will be driving here; two, if I happen to have a drive licence best car scenario would be my mom's BMW or my dads, and I know it could be worse, but the thing is that their cars, not mine, I wouldn't probably get one because it makes absolute no point and would turn into a big spend for something I wouldn't use that much.
As a kid I always said to everyone that I would never get a driving license because there will always be other ways to travel. And quite honestly not having to park, deal with car spendings such as gas, car inspections and insurance, and things like that, makes dealing with the metro the coolest thing ever. Plus there's uber, if I feel I had a good month and want to spend more (having in mind I am a bit addicted to saving, my father thought me too well) I can take uber everywhere. After all I was right, I would have someone driving me everywhere, when I was about 12 people used to laugh but now its common sense. 

But to explain better, if I knew I would be driving a Ferrari I would be more driven to drive. (see what I did there.. haha) Not only because it's a better car but also because it meant I would be living a lifestyle that would support pretty much anything that comes with driving/owning a car.
Another cool scenario would be if I had gotten into racing classes (if only that existed in my city when I was younger) and I would be racing Monte Carlo Grand Prix like total girlboss. 

About the outfit, you will see me wearing this look a few times this week, (because you know, your girl has been busy and only now decided that it is about time to post what was once put on schedule). As much as I love this tee it is now up for sale on Vinted and Depop, you know I can't keep everything, there's more coming in that out although I've been selling like crazy. You are more than welcome to have a look at it, I sell new stuff and things with less than a week of use, it's insane. But I don't have an XXL walk in closet, so that's my life. Haha 

See you soon!