london fashion week 2017 street style miasoarez



From the moment I started packing, I haven't stopped. I've walked from here to there, sat to edit, unpacked, bought this, bought that. Love this adrenaline. With so much going on, I had the brilliant idea to vlog. I mean, I will still film unboxing videos, and post my looks. But nothing like showing you what is really going on. Although low-key, when things crumble a bit, I'm not recording (aka, me late AF, running like a crazy person) I sleep too little and schedule too much, but I love it. I feel that if I'm not late to something I am not on the edge of the day, making the most of my time. 

Now can we talk about these boots? I swear, you get dressed to fashion week and you never know what people will obsess with. This was day one, I wasn't even trying (although it does look good) I got home 30 min before getting out the door again. Almost no makeup on, literally brushed my hair changed clothes and put on the minimum acceptable amount of makeup, to make me look better than when I woke up. 

Getting used to the bangs now.. If you didn't meet: Bangs, reader. Reader, bangs. You will soon love each other as much as I love you, in the meanwhile, let's just let it grow naturally (not the bangs, the affection). Ok, I'll stop. 

About the look (you missed this bit didn't you?) my long black mesh top is from Monki, found it on sale, who would have known. Fits perfectly. That black top under is attached to the mesh which is kind of crucial at this point. The sunglasses are my biggest obsession at the moment, I mean, they are matte, oversize, squared.. I'm one step away from being called Anna Wintour. (if you watched that on the vlog.. if you didn't just click here)  ..where was I? Ah right! So then there are the trousers which are the most comfortable thing ever. I like how the waist fits perfectly, I just wish they were tighter on the bottom half. This Kenzo bag has been a companion for life, it has lived in my closet for a good while, it's so easy to take everywhere because it is so small, and fits the essentials, just not my iPhone 7 plus..