And here I am. Is there anything I miss most than sitting down and writing what is going on inside my mind. It is not a recent thing. Not something that started here, online, with you. I used to write down my thoughts in order to understand myself, to throw it all out without constraints, to hear myself, and let my thoughts come out, organising them as writing them down. I find it one of the best things to do to feel better, like dancing and singing. It really works. 

I am going freestyle this time, I didn’t come up with a new idea or concept, about anything. I just felt I should loosen up and spend more time here, and open up a bit. Being vulnerable can be scary, but I know that if I don’t push myself out of the shelf I will be just another girl. That is not what I want. I want people to say that if she made it, if she got that far, if she is there, I can do it too. That is what I want, and I will do anything to get to that point. Even when that means just keep going. I have so much in my head that I’ve been wanting to share before I even knew how to write properly. Not that I consider myself a writer (I don’t, believe me) but I guess that if I want to communicate I will have to do it. While keeping it light not to bore you and meaningful.

I swear to you sometimes I think, “why do I make it so hard for myself? If I was less ambitious in that sense, I’d have it all easier.” But what do I know about the other side, the simple standard life where you finish your course and start working at an office? Little to nothing. I took an internship while in London that was 3 month only, after the first one I left. I just couldn’t take the lack of rhythm, challenge, and cause. I guess we all face the challenges at the scale that we put ourselves. I know that sometimes I make my life look easier, while I try to be an open book at the same time. Truth is that is in my nature to freak out the first minutes and then let it go and focus on the positive. I don’t like talking about the bad things. Not only with you here but in life. It is through acknowledging the good side that the bad one fades. So I hold on to that. And I really feel that it works for me. Silver Girl is like a shiny star in my life that I am so proud to take care of, live with and make it grow by sharing it with you. So I avoid writing down things that will not make both of us feel good. Life doesn’t give us challenges that we couldn’t overcome, it is in our nature to survive whatever comes and become stronger. Perhaps that is why we haven’t gone extinct. :) 

Next time you face something challenging, remember me - You will survive! You will come out stronger, knowing better. It is with the ups and downs that we make waves.

Thank you for reading.