It's Wednesday noon. After a couple of days under the hot steamy sun and breezy nights, I am sniffing every 5 min (if not less than that). My voice sounds like a robot child (if that would be possible). But apart from that I am feeling great today! Starting to feel excited for Paris, it's been a couple weeks since we decided to go. I am a bit nervous with the language, I heard that the French don't speak nor understand English very much. I am great with languages but French is surely not my strongest link. I've been trying to push myself into learning it since last Summer, but I guess there's always something more important to do.

It has been a thrill to follow Fashion Week, prior Ready to Wear. I love to find the latest inspiration and to create from there. I have not yet decided what to wear in Paris, but I have already picked a few key pieces that will be coming with me. 

About the look, today I am styling Soorty's denim with this long dress I already had in my closet, my white converse and this bandana I got last year during London Fashion Week. The idea was to pick up on the eccentric/stylish mood of the orange and to merge it with the urban/denim vibe. Could easily be something to wear during Fashion Week. 

Orange Shirt Dress: Zara (similar here and here• Bandana: Urban Outfitters • Denim Jeans: Customised at Soorty (similar• Denim Backpack: Customised at Soorty (similar) • White Sneakers: Converse • Rhinestone Headchain: Rock N' Rose • Golden Bracelet: Zara

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