Good morning from London, it is undoubtedly colder and more Christmassy than two months ago, when I took these photos. Although life isn't bad (I really cannot complain) my head has been a bit messy. I've been drifting from opportunities to challenges like a racer that just learned how to drive (sort of) anyways, but one thing I am happy for is to be back to London in December, I'd spend my Christmas here every single year without regret. If you have been watching on snapchat the streets look absolutely magical, mostly during night time, and shops are filled with warm furry parkas and nice leather boots. Every place has their themed drinks and foods of the season which we have been loving to try, along with all the variety to choose from at Christmas market.

Convent Garden looks beautiful, it is one of my favourite places around the city, it doesn't feel as crowded as Oxford Street and has most of my favourite stores including Apple (where Pedro always wants to go in, I am like "you know, it is the same as you saw last time" haha). Christmas shopping here is a lot more difficult, I am always afraid I will find something better for that person, meaning a better "fit" something the person will love more. Maybe I am a perfectionist but if you are spending £50-£100 on a gift it would take the same effort to get something that a person loves more, something she needs but it's not boring. My dad is probably the hardest along with my brother. Am I the only one who struggles with "gifts for him" sort of thing? My dad has a particularly specific small range of things he likes other than dark chocolate he's not the kind you would give a scarf and he'd be glad for it, it needs to be the right material, colour and brand to get him excited about it. So that is my challenge. My mom in the contrary, she loves everything and anything, I could give her a mug and some socks and she would love it, but I want to surprise her with something new.

As some of you know I have been drifting back and forth between London to Madeira Island. I love it there, the weather and the 24/7 all year around holiday feeling is just amazing, the apartment I live there is a pure dream that would cost thousands in London. The piece of mind and the calm is really what get's me to turn to London and miss it. Live while your young sort of mentality. The noise and the rush pushes me to wake up early, try new things and push myself to achieve the things I want the most, inspiration is everywhere and diversity makes everything acceptable. The lifestyle in London is one we will hardly find elsewhere. 

I would say my soul is free but my mind is very city oriented. And although I am constantly in wanderlust (lately thinking Bangkok and Nepal - Dr.Strange might be the one to blame) travelling from London can be so affordable, so of course the more you can save the more you can travel. If you plan ahead you can visit Bangkok for £500 for two, including return and a 4 star hotel with breakfast! I have been craving less makeup and heels and more long walks with wavy hair from rain/humidity, exploring new cultures, connecting to nature and creating exceptional memories. So it is something we are now looking forward to. In the beginning of the next year, I will be moving to my own place in London and live here full time as I used to. Next time we travel will not be a fashion week but something more "raw" and culturally rich, (I really can't wait for it.)

About the look, it was a nice sunny day by the Sicilian Avenue in Holborn, the area is not as crowded as the very centre of the city, it is quite beautiful and clean with aesthetically pleasing architecture. I haven't worn the Valentino rockstud heels in a while, in fact, you are more likely to find me in tennis as I am always on the go. I really don't like the feeling of having to go back to change because of spontaneous plans with friends (in which case I always end up getting a new pair of shoes instead of going back to the hotel/home).
By now I own more leather trousers than any other kind of bottoms, I wear them on a regular basis, they are my kind of jeans. These here are not my favourite because they are quite thin, I find them a mid-season sort of leggings. The ones I like the most are the trouser-like with proper zip and pocket design, high waisted. On casual days I go for the basic warm leather leggings with a long sweater/top, very comfortable but still quite stylish/elegant. 

Hope you are having a great week, making the most of this magical season. If you would like to ask me something or share something with me just send me a message/comment, I will be happy to hear from you.