It's official, 2015 is tick-tacking away and I am beyond excited for 2016. So much changed in 2015, and the biggest change was probably inside, I feel like I've bettered myself and my life so much that wondering about what's next feels like butterflies in my stomach. 

I've been sharing a lot more on Instagram and Snapchat recently, I decided to keep myself in the platforms I love most so these are the ones you will be able to keep up with my 2016 the most. Twitter and Facebook will be more about the website itself, all the outfits, fashion predictions and trends as well as motivational posts. 

I've been thinking about getting more into Youtube as well, but not in the form you're used to. I have this cool idea in mind that if it goes as I am planning, you will love it!

Some cool things you can look up now: you can search the hashtags #ShoppingWithSilver for a few fashion finds on Instagram and #BehaveSilver for a couple of shots and videos of me acting silly. 

If you ever share one my looks, draw me or simply want to reach me you can use the hashtag #SilverGirl and tag @silveristic

Things I am excited for 2016 other from Silver Girl, is the growth of Oculus Rift, the movies coming out like The Secret Life of Pets and The Jungle Book (you know, stay young) but also Zoolander 2 and How To Be Single (for those Saturday afternoons). Looking to update my iPhone as well as to get my closet even lighter - less quantity, more quality. If you read the Living Portable post, you will understand. I am on this mission to become portable and fit my life into a suitcase (or two) and take off. Traveling a lot taught me that simplicity makes things a lot easier. You can shop a few of those clothing pieces on this online shop called Friends Clothing. there's a lot of those there, like this top I am wearing here. Most clothing still has the tag on. It's a cool place to shop for books and all kind of clothing men and kids included. There's Guess and other higher brands as well as lower ones, like Zara and Stradivarius. You can see the facebook page here. It's ultra affordable, not only good for the casual cool kid that hates to spend much in a one time party dress, but also if you're a fashion blogger looking to get a lot of different items without spending much. 

As for the best of 2015 was definitely the amount of traveling, how much I learned in such little time, not only about my area, but also about how to live and people. My fitness improved like never before in 2015, looking to keep going in 2016 who knows join the fitnation on Instagram. ;)

About the outfit, wearing that cool top you can get on Friends Clothing. This skirt I got while in Andorra a couple of months ago, and this velvet neck scarf from Zara as well. A cool night out look, to end up the 2015 looks. The NYE post will come up eventually as I still need to dress up. Leaving in 30 min to get my dress. Meanwhile you can have a look at the NYE Warm Up Look

See you in 2016, stay rad. 

Rouge Top: Origem (similar• Velvet Scarf: Zara (similar here and here• Leather Skirt: Zara (similar) • Buckle Boots: Zara (similar here and here• Leather Clutch: Mango (similar)

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