What a wonderful way to start one of the most loved months of the year. Cannot believe it is actually Spring weather here. I mean, that's something I am most certainly sure I have never experienced. Need to catch up on a hot weather Christmas activities, because all I can think of is ice-skating. 

Dolce Vita is really the way to go during December, these two words remind me both  to enjoy the good things in life and to be grateful for those. As some f you already know, I studied in Milan at Marangoni, and while I was there I discovered more about the city that I could ever have known in a deep google research. There's really nothing like living in a city like the locals (or almost). It was like falling in love in the most real sense of it.

By the time I arrived I could not stop talking about it, how I would make my life there and how it would be amazing. Feeling the city didn't wanted me as much as I wanted the city (if you've been there to stay, you will understand) felt like a true heartbreak, but being a woman as I am, I just could not give up on love, so I persisted. And after a million of ups and downs, got to a point I hated it, and at the end I just couldn't take it anymore, so I left. But after the wounds have heeled, I can now admit that I still love it, in a different, more mature, way. It's that relationship you had in the past that you will always have that intimate feeling when looking in the eyes, because you went through so much together.

About the look. Went from Parisian style to the Dolce Gusto of Italy! Everything suddenly turned very Gabbana. You really can't go wrong when choosing lace as a reference for your holiday party looks. I really can't get enough of red at this time of the year, it's that pop of colour that makes everyone happy. I feel that the secret for the perfect red look is to pick the perfect shade of red. It being warm, dark, bright or cold, really makes a difference when having it next to your skin. 

It's all for today. Expect another Christmassy look sooner. Stay inspired.

Red Lace Dress: Missguided (similar here and here Rhinestone Headchain: Rock N' Rose • Red Heels: Rebeca Sanver (similar herehere and here)

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