I've been waiting for new clothing to arrive on the mail, I have been shopping a lot recently, I am probably most excited to open my new Faye from Chloe! I have so many brands to share with you that I found out about recently, I just can't wait for everything to be here. I usually share everything on snapchat before making new looks, if you haven't added me already here's a good excuse: silveristic

I've been spending these last couple weeks, working out at the gym, going to the beach and going for an ice-cream now and then. Some days will have something new and different, but nothing worth writing about. Although so much is still happening, I feel that once I get the hang of it and I keep up with things I get bored. This might be a good time to finally go back to YouTube and get myself entertained by making different and fun content. 

About the look, maybe because I was so bored, I got into Zara and got myself a couple new things to play with this season. This crop top is just so interesting, I am all about the tropical style so I had to try it. I knew I wanted a denim skirt, initially I planned to get a shorter one like you can see in the 10 MUST HAVES FOR SUMMER 2016 but then I found this one and I thought it would look great with this top, and that was it. I got many more things from Zara which you will be able to see on my next outfit posts. :) Don't forget to leave you opinion on the look, and I will see you on the next one.

Printed Poplin Top: Zara (similar) • Denim Skirt: Zara (similar) • Choker: Urban Outfitters 

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