As I am writing to you I am sitting in the restaurant waiting for my chicken salad. After loosing sight of time, we just realised we haven't eaten since noon, when we had our second breakfast - the perks of waking up too early!
This morning was a real rollercoaster, I left Andorra on Saturday. Sunday finally gave myself a break. So of course by Monday came the overload! We can't predict what will happen next, we can only prepare in advance for what we already know and if something extra knocks, we're fine! 

About the outfit.. When it's cold, it's cold! And if you're going to get things done, it's nice to look classy and clean, but it's necessary to feel comfortable! Something that can easily be forgotten. Looking good and feeling comfortable is no longer a black or white decision you can really get into the grey area and enjoy a working day getting the most from it. Who would have known that a pair of joggers would look this nice? The trick is to keep the shoe elegant and the silhouette flattering!

Black Fur Jacket: Asos • Flowy Top: Mango • Joggers: Mango • Court Heels: Asos • Black Scarf: Urban Outfitters (similar)

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