If you have me on snapchat, you're most likely to recognise this dress. I recently spent my day walking around the city, exploring, taking these photos and filming. I have to say that finding a place that matches each look has become more and more easy. As much as I'd like to say that I know where we were going before even getting dressed, that is quite often not true. 

There is a certain ease in going with the flow that I like. Every time I feel like I am starting to stress a bit over something irrelevant I just breath and think: what is the best outcome I can take from here? And usually, ta-da! Things go from disaster to absolute perfectness. Going with the flow and following my gut has always taken me to the best places and opportunities, but I wasn't always like this. I used to obsess with perfectionism, if I had conceived it in my head, getting less than that would often turn out to be disappointing for me.

The same way I never plan what to write about here (writing just before every outfit goes up) and it always ends up feeling right. Next time you feel stressed about something not going the way you wanted, remember to take back your power and going with the flow and improvise. You are most likely going to end up with something better than you hopped for. If you're like me, you will never want to obsess with a specific result anymore, and turn into a full-time improviser. (it's a lot more fun!)

About the look.. Ah! Could not be more obsessed with Tularosa! The back of this dress is so beautiful (and fresh!) I've been so obsessed with the halter neck thing that I can almost say that it was my main motivation to pick this dress, but I could find an excuse just as good to get every single dress here. Paired with these heeled gladiators, something I've been looking to get for a while. As much as I like a casual lace up sandal, I still need a bit of heel to feel right! haha I guess I was felling adventurous with the hairstyle, never wore my hair like this before, nor seen anyone doing it. The handbag is the rainbow suede Faye from Chloe that you are likely to have seen on my favourites really often. I am such a Chloe Girl..

Backless Dress: Tularosa • Faye Bag: Chloé • Gladiators: Zara (similar• Bracelets: Similar here and here

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