As these look posts sort of come to an end, I wanted to end with the focus on what we truly are and who we are becoming. As you might have noticed, Silver Girl changed a lot in the past month, and I changed a lot in the past year. I have dedicated myself insatiately to Silver Girl since the day I left Uni. I had the craziest work ethic and did my best to stand on my feet and stay true to what I believe in even though that didn't always fit in right. 

Today I no longer see the point in continuing to do things as we used to so we are changing to video and leaving the photo behind. You can still see the photos of every look in the past, this place is full of memories but onto better bigger things. I want to connect with you for real, which I want to have more fun to try things and to meet new people. I promised myself that 2017 was going to be different, and it is already so true. The more I tried and pushed the more it felt like failing because I was changing plans every week, but it was only through that, that I was able to find clarity. I am excited, nervous and super expectant on how things will turn out. I feel like Silver Girl is going through a metamorphosis and will soon open its wings. I am super confident I will have more fun. 

I am also leaving things behind, over 65% of my closet is for sale or will be given to charity. Remember I wanted to fit everything in one back, I am down to 2 hold bags. I'm getting there. :) And by the time you are reading this I have left London. I already miss it, but to be honest I miss more the idea of it than the city itself. It has always felt more exciting to live in a city where you click a button and something happens other than any small city where things take weeks to happen and weekends feel like a total apocalypse where no one is able to move to get anything done. I used to hate weekends back in Portugal I had to prepare for it sort of make sure I would be able to have everything set up before Friday, find out the best times for not cueing and always have some change with me (can't wait till we all use card only payments anyways, it's so much easier).

One last time, about the look, I love some nice high waisted skinny black trousers, chino style if you may, with a nice cut crop top, this one is in black velvet with a beautiful lace back, I am way to obsessed with it. I wore it probably 10 days in a row with a few breaks in between the first time I got it. It's so comfortable and easy to style. This scarf I am simply way too obcessed, so soft I could actually fall asleep with it. I wore it exactly as you see in the NYE and everyone was asking me where I got it, I took it for comfort because I knew the night would be long and I would probably fall asleep in a car or someone's house, I always feel cold anyways so it was a very smart decision. Haha. The bandana had to be there right, it starts to become a staple in my closet, bandanas of all colours. And the loafers were kindly sent me a few months ago. I already sold them online as the fur under my feet felt somewhat wrong. 

Thank you so much for stopping by feel free to dig through all my looks. And I hope to see you back here soon! :)