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I've been trying to keep everything updated in here, mostly the pictures. I want to be able to share things more regularly so that I can come back one day and have it all here instead of relying so much on social media. It's really not a bad thing to trust it will be there forever, I am just making sure I have all the photos in different places that I can access anytime in my life. I want to be able to be ok if I ever loose my Passport Disk or my phone randomly shuts down and I am unable to get all those memories back. It happened before, but life goes on. I just want to make sure the highlights are beeing saved on the internet. For the good and for the bad. So you will definitely see more of me this year. DEFINITELY.

I get anxious with the idea of putting myself even more exposed. It is hard to love everyone and I sincerely hope if someone ever finds me online and doesn't like me, just moves on and finds somebody else. I am just trying to make the most of what I am living registering everything and saving it for posteriority haha. I truly enjoy doing it and I feel that my memories are better of saved if public. 

Christmas time this year was magical and different. A bunch of emotions for sure. I spent almost two months all by myself in an apartment working out and on my computer, recovering from a major breakout and a down on self-esteem I was not even aware I had. Beeing alone really does wonders, it's hard but it is so worth it. I didn't choose that time off, but it was good to find myself again. Seeing everyone coming together for Christmas was rather entertaining and mostly heartwarming. I felt as happy as one can be..  and scared and anxious with the approach of the new year. 2016 was a hard year for us, although we came up above I don't want to live afraid and go safely as I feel I did in 2016. I want to be braver and have more energy because that is definitely something we loose with time - energy.

For me, things haven't even started. And I feel like 2017 is opening up for that, to take myself to another level challenging myself constantly and getting out of the comfort zone (wherever that is). I want to listen to more music this year, jump around, get more tans, sleep in my bikini and get have a collection of workout wear. I want to wear fancy clothing randomly at daylight and not give a damn. I want to be out without makeup and feel it as real and beautiful as my usual makeup look. We want experiences but mostly we want feelings, feelings make everything more special and memorable, it makes it all worth it. 

Silver Girl started way different from what it is now, but where it is headed is such a completely new twist to it, that was so obvious since the beginning. In finding myself I found Silver Girl's true essence. I am just going to go ahead and be happy. This month and the next ones you will see that change happening, and I am SO excited!! :)

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See you soon. 

Faux Leopard Coat: Zara (similar)
Black Parka Coat: Zara (Similar here and here)
Oversized Wool Jumper: Similar here
Green Jumper: Similar here
Leather Pants: Helmut Lang (Similar here and here)
Suede Sneakers: Zara (similar)


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