I swear it was Monday like 10 min.. Not very sure what happened to this week. Between missing the Balmain Show (and after party) in Paris, stressing about the upcoming flights (or better said, what needs to be done before taking off) and managing to wake up earlier than New York when going to bed like a total night owl I am. I swear some days I only wake up after getting back from an hour long of cardio (sometimes 3h workout) and eat my avocado & spinach mixed with tuna salad followed by a nice long black Italian coffee. Hmm.. 

I think for the first time in life I sort of have a morning routine, I mean, if I don't fail to wake up when the alarm rings and everything is delayed to like 3 hours later and the rest of the day becomes either totally chaotic or not very productive (because there's only such amount of time)
I totally get if I am making you stressed, I am stressed. The way I see it, I'd rather be stressed than lost with no direction, wasting my time, at least I'm focused on some direction.

I have to admit to you that in the last month (and mostly recently) I've been feeling things changing, a bit for Silver Girl (that sort of is myself I guess). I tried so many different things from November up till the end o January (more or less) and if you pay attention I turned the boat and stopped doing some of the things that were driving me insane - I thought in order to do something I had to do all the things that come with it, turns out it was always a choice, so I stopped, and found the guts to redefine and go back to the base of why I started and what I want ultimately. Things at the moment are definitely stressful but headed in a good direction. I have like 10 min every 3-4 days to reply to e-mails. When you have 24h to do a million things, prioritising is key, and something will end up beeing left to the next day (and the next day, and the next day..).  With 3 flights coming up and many things to sort out. I am just thinking that it's in the chaos that wonderful things happen (at least it keeps me going). 

About the look, hey look at me, after all, denim isn't that bad! Haha. My styling tutor once said to me "don't style with denim, there's always something better" that stick to me, but it wasn't until denim actually became a trend and I gave it a go. But can we stop and look at this skirt that is clearly too big on me? I mean oversized is good, but not with the bottoms.
These shoes are by far my most complimented pair (yes, they overpassed the Valentino Rockstuds, I can't believe it..) even my dad turned to me randomly "those shoes you shared on facebook are.. wow!" Imagine my face, my dad is not one to mention random things like this, mostly fashion related. I was so impressed, even more so to see the shoes beeing sold out almost 24h after I got them! What? I don't see anyone wearing them? If you do please sent me the link/photo. I am feeling so alone on this. Haha

What's you favourite piece of clothing at the moment? See you soon!