No, it is not the Christmas morning or the Christmas Eve. Although I planned to bring this Holiday Special to you on the specific date, these days have been carrying me more than I've been carrying them. Christmas Eve was probably my favourite. It was actually my first time having turkey for Christmas. We played charades and Arthur Christmas was playing on Netflix. On the 25th I went to my parent's very early, waking them up with the doorbell. My father thought it was the mailman. We had almond cookies and expresso for breakfast before opening the gifts. It was an exotic Christmas, if you consider the amount of sun and seafood, and that one mojito in the afternoon. 

On the 26th it was the day we all got in the car and went to visit the family. It was like a small car trip. If only my body would cooperate with my brother's driving skills. I get motion sick so easily you would not believe. 5 min in a car - not looking at my phone - and I am waking out the car feeling green and dizzy!!

Thankfully the so expected 'food coma' did not happened for me, although I might have turned champagne on the floor twice on Christmas Eve. Not my finest moment. Opening gifts was exciting, but seeing everyone opening their own was truly priceless. My father complaining from each detail on my mom's gift for him was the most hilarious. 

And back to that car trip, I planned to think about life in that time, but truth is I ended up falling a sleep for a bit. And if you watch my snapchat, you're likely to remember that snap of me laying on the back sit, I was actually trying to calm my stomach after a crazy post-lunch long car ride. The weather turned out dark and foggy, although the temperature remained high. The perfect picture for a comfortable Holiday (at home)

About the outfit, totally inspired by the brit style, as you can assume. I did mentioned before how I think that London really knows how to turn us into the Christmas mood. So I surely got inspired by that. I can still remember that Burberry Christmas comercial with little Beckham dancing in his trenchcoat. Watched it over and over again. It was beautiful. Almost went with the Valentino Rockstuds here, it would have been a more subtle approach, but made a last minute change and went all in with the red. Well, maybe not all the way if you consider last year's Christmas outfit.

This dress is beautiful, Zara is getting better by the minute. Is really a safe place to shop if you're not into what's trending. Too bad they sell so fast the necklace is no longer available. But I did found this similar one on Asos. 

I hope your Holidays have been fun, let me know how it went. And catch up with daily updates on Instagram

Beige Trenchcoat: Zara (similar• Red Scarf: Pierre Cardin (similar here and here• Silver Flower Necklace: Zara (similar) • Collar Dress: Zara  • Red Heels: Rebeca Sanver (similar)

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