Who would have known that I would end up getting a long middy dress at some point in my life? Not even Clara would see that coming. I mean it's her favourite colour, not mine. I guess this is what trends do to us, we start feeling differently towards things as they gain new meanings throughout the years. Now if we are beeing honest, fabric and neckline were likely the main reason why I had to bring this one home.

It was only January and I was already dreaming about the Summer days, drinking something fresh snacking on a cheese platter by the promenade with friends, with the sunshine reflecting on the bright colours of the cars parked nearby the palm trees. I'd be wearing this dress, some minimal sandals, my hair in a high pony like such, scented by the sunscreen.

Funny enough we are now about 20 days away for Summer to officially begin. I promised I'd be leaner, with perfect skin, better hair, and hopefully, finish my laser wax (that I started back in 2011.. if only I haven't stopped.). Current scenario, well leaner but not what I pictured, and my skin is definitely better but also not there yet. Who would have known that taking care of ourselves would require so much of us..? I used to have a lot of free time for that, now I use it for other things, I need to find a balance.