At this point I am finding it hard to believe that 2015 will be over in just a few weeks! I mean, I can't even think Christmas when it's about 21 degrees outside. Thankfully I still get to enjoy a couple of days a week where the weather decides to cooperate with the Holiday. 
Still rude of me welcoming December a week latter, I mean, it's like forgetting your best friend's birthday. Well, I did not forget it, I simply delayed the celebration. I guess this weather thing got me weatherlagged and I either got stuck back in September or I fast-forwarded to May. And this just to be flexible considering I'm in shorts right now. (indoors though!)  

With that, needless to say that Christmas Shopping sounds more like joining a trendy hashtag on Twitter than something that comes to my mind every second. I really miss London at this point, they really know how to get us in the mood, to shop like a maniac and hide every little corner under the tree. Ice-skating is another one I still haven't got over, what could replace spinning around the ice ring with a cold breeze hitting my face, having my red scarf floating in the air along with my hair. Only Bublé can set me in the mood, this year. Think I'm kidding? The most Christmassy thing near me is like 100m away - a lightening reindeer downstairs in a public pocket garden, and this because I am living on top of a shopping centre. Yup, now you see my point. However, entering the actual shopping centre it gets better - with ornaments that could fit more people inside than some of the stores in the building!

About the look, still driven by the Andorra mood, got this casual, very flattering dress from Asos, with a very baroque design. Fits the Christmas spirit perfectly, all it needed was a touch of red! DKNY bag was my favourite choice, but a long red coat or a red scarf would look perfect as well. Consider it is not freezing, a nice tote bag would be just excellent. About the boots, the idea is to follow up the knee-high boots trend without looking like a Petter Pan character. The best way (and sometimes the only way) to make some boring casual outfit look more chic and sexy-decent, is with the right pair of shoes. And if the tights can help - even better, right? This kind of tights were trending last year, so I simply pulled them out of my closet. I'll do my best to find a similar pair for you in case you're interested. 

Remember to have fun during December, it's that time of the year people are nicer and more receptive to try new things and to improve their relationships. Be adventurous and try dressing differently during this season. Be the most well dressed in the room and inspire others to do the same. There's always something to celebrate and be grateful for. Remember that the best outfit might be already in your closet, play with styling, have fun!

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Red Tote: DKNY (similar Michael Kors, Gucci and Saint Laurent Baroque Dress: ASOS • Overknee Tights: H&M • Black Ankle Boots: Geox (similar here and here) • Black Belt: Stradivarius

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