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I know I am not alone when it comes to missing a promise, mostly the ones I make to myself I keep feeling bad for letting the content here at Silver Girl stagnate around September/October/November and have been trying to pick up where I left ever since the beginning of December. As as we get into February, you can already imagine how much I am craving to share the latest instead of working on the old. And the problem is that, not only it doesn’t excite me as much as when it was created, but also because the trends have passed and the current weather doesn’t even match. Oh and my current style!

I swear! I tried defining my style and staying within that bubble (it is known as being good to keep the audience coming back and what not) I want you to come back, but please understand that I am a chameleon, I turn a free soul every spring, and go strangely dark and edgy every Winter (except for Christmas). I would say that I swing in a rule that goes from boho-chic to edgy-chic

We took these photos around the end of September, it was the first day of London Fashion Week. Life started to get weirdly stressful in September and it feels to me that only now things are finally coming together, with enough calm and comfort to sit down and connect with you again. 
I try to go briefly through the downs and emphasise the ups, (I do it for myself, believe me: positive mind, positive life) we tend to exaggerate when things go wrong, so I rather not even mention it, nor to you or to anyone in real life. But even though it seems like everything is always upstream, sometimes I feel down, it’s important for you to know that. Whatever challenges you have to face to go forward, take them because there’s no worse hit than staying behind. 

About the look, I sold this skirt a while back ago, and the bag is now for sale, this coat was purchased a few moments before these photos because.. I was freezing! I LOVED this top but can no longer wear it because it got the worst stain, still hurts my feelings. haha. On the good side, the Gucci are safely sitting in their box in my closet as well as the golden tiara. (of course, I sell my clothes, travelling and shopping and getting clothing in the mail every week really don’t go together!)

Ok, see you soon! 

The Jet Set Diaries Verano Blouse (similar
Zara Patched Denim Skirt (similar here and here)
River Island Golden Crown Tiara (similar here)
Gucci Bloom Print Pumps: (similar here and here)
Michael Kors Top Zip Saffiano Tote Bag (similar here)
Zara Wool Pea/Swing Coat (similar here)

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