This nineties obsession is everywhere, so sure I had join with my own take on it. Although I'm not the one you would picture dressing grunge, I still thought it would be fun to take my inspiration from rock bands and make it slightly grungier. Pulled this shirt out of Zara's hanger out of impulse not really knowing what I was going to do with it. A few months ago my stomach would turn just by thinking of stripes. But recently I've been growing this real obsession with the Parisian style. Made sense to give it a shot. So when my Parisian shirt met my tracker sole boots with buckles, of course I thought nineties! Pulled this velvet black lace out of my recent purchases as well and and that was it! Kalifornia by Kenzo is my new bae, been wearing it a lot! But it's really optional for this look if you want to wear it yourself. I am sure you'll find these other pieces pretty much everywhere.

Quick update about life, I just arrived to Andorra! The weather is just on point considering i've been doing sauna pretty much all Summer. My Spanish is a mixture of Portuguese, Italian and Spanish, so they assume I speak Catalan! Not planning to snowboard soon, but maybe in December I'll give it a try! If you have any tips about the city, places to visit and things to try, I would love to know since I tend to hit the most commercial places every time I travel. 

Striped shirt: Zara • Stretch Pants: Asos • Velvet Choker: Asos (similar) • Chain Wallet: KenzoGrunge Sole Boots: Asos (similar here and here)

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