AGO 2017

Whenever I travel I like to wake up early, it's as if I could magically double the experience just by having more time. Is kind of true. Somehow I only remember that when I am traveling. 

Living in the very center of London made me spoiled in some way. Being back to Lisbon, I wouldn't really want to leave the central area, the irrational fear of not finding healthy food, a clean bathroom or wifi kept me wanting to stay at a walking distance to the hotel I was staying and a local whole food supermarket, just in case. I know.. it is ridiculous. We spent most time walking around the city which turned the whole central thing somewhat irrelevant. 

While in Lisbon, this girl who seemed to be following Silver Girl for a while, asked me why did I change my style, she loved what I was doing before - dresses, luxury bags, editorial sort of style. - I changed my style mostly because it started to become unpractical, uncomfortable and expensive. And when I say expensive I mean not the clothes but the extra time I was spending to get things done. Think heels and dresses versus shorts and sneakers. 

I also started looking more at street style from all over the world but mostly LA and NY. It really reflected in my closet. Being someone with strong European influences, such as Milan and Paris.. even London, turning to New York and Los Angeles for inspiration turned my closet upside down. But it didn't happen by chance, I've always wanted to move to LA. With every political thing that is going on in the US at the moment, the idea is now sitting in the corner of my closet.. Still, it is something I have in mind.. might happen one day. 

Netflix & Chill Pink T-Shirt: Asos or HeySilverGirl