And suddenly the dresses got longer and the handbag turned into gold (clearly not, but let's go with it..). Each and every day I can't help to take everything new and feel grateful about it. There is so much that I am looking forward in life, and now more than ever I am expectant, rather than looking for things to go a certain specific way. There is so much we want to do, and the same way things turned around for ourselves in these last days, it can take us even further, as there is no limits. 'To the infinity and beyond.' :)

As some of you already know, I am working on some new videos to share on Youtube (in between everything else I am working on, haha). So, when I was trying those dresses on, every single one felt amazing, but I knew this was the first one I wanted to wear. So we went outside to have a couple drinks and watch the sunset.

About the look, this dress from Asos is so amazing, fits one of the 10 MUST HAVES FOR SUMMER 2016 perfectly. I am loving this tribal trend as it goes so well with the Summer mood. So, of course I had to wear my favourite mules, although this time they are not alone.
I find myself looking at my two new bags from Net-A-Porter without reaction, I just stare at them. They are SO beautiful. I can't even tell you for how long I've been wanting them. I am passionate by heart with Chloe, and this Philip Lim bag has been in my eyesight for so so long. 

I just can't wait for you to see everything, whether on Youtube or here in my next looks.
Meanwhile you can keep up with everything through Snapchat and Instagram.

Printed Maxi Dress: Asos β€’ Pashli Leather Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim β€’ Leather Mules: 3.1 Phillip Lim

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