Back again with a new look, this time mixing army tones with black velvet, leather and the same scarf but with a different twist (I told you it was my favourite).
I feel I have to mention this was obviously not in London! I took these photos during my warm Winter, just before all the Christmas madness began. I swear it's a bit weird but also so good to have a hot Winter. I was considering going to the beach every single day (although I never went) it was like a jetlag of seasons. 

I should also mention that I will be sharing more looks this week. I want to get all up to get into the goodness we've been shooting this year. We changed up things a bit am SO excited for you to see it. I should pick a different time to post, midnight sounds like bad timing, but you know, it's not about perfection it's about realism, I am a night own, you won't see me posting at 7AM (unless I pull an all-nighter).

About the look, you know when you go into a store just to have a look and you end up leaving with a decent sized bag in each hand. Well, that's what happened. I went into Stradivarius, haven't been in one for ages! In fact, I stopped going into stores as much as I used to, and practically shop online. I guess seeing the things in your hand never gets old. The store happened to not have many people shopping (meaning no queue) an extra encourage to get something.
So that's what happened. Both top and bottoms here were from Stradivarius and the scarf and sunglasses were from Asos

Let me know what you think of this look. See you soon!

Stradivarius New Collection