Everyone has been talking about it, and if you google it you will get a million girls with a teeth gap but what is the London Look really about? Well, you are 6 Steps away to find out..

How to Look Like a Genuine Londoner!

1. Come out of your shell!

The best thing about a crowded city like London, is that you can wear whatever and not care. First because you wouldn’t get as much attention as there is already a lot of people extremely daring walking outside and you probably won’t stand out as much, meaning you won’t get that many looks. And then because, the chances of that person seeing you again AND recognise you is probably 0,01%. 

2. Get independent!

There is no certain look as long as you do your kind of crazy and daring. The London look is all about expressing yourself the most you can through your style. This independent attitude is crucial. You can follow up trends on the cover of NME or the hyped up London bands, you can’t go wrong when you look at the cultural environment. The most important is that you adapt it to yourself, if you don’t feel that it is you, just change it up and give it a little mix.

3. Get inspired by celebrity’s style

Paloma Faith, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Jourdan Dunn..

Celebrities tend to insert their culture in everything they do, it is like inserting their genetics and their life experiences in a brand. It’s who they are, so if you look at Celebrities who are genuinely british, you will probably get a huge amount of inspiration, firstly because paparazzi are everywhere, even after their workout training, then there’s the magazines enhancing their brand whenever they do an editorial, meaning that although those clothes weren’t really chosen by the celebrity, she would most probably wear it. Finally, it’s easy for them because they are British, so they’re not following the style, they are simply doing what they’ve always done, just with some free clothes and a lot of money to shop.

6. Style your hair accordingly

Hair should be in good condition, however Londoners hair are not the casting winners for a Pantene Pro V ad, so don’t worry too much with it, the “I woke up like this” sort of thing is the best way to go. If it looks too put together just bend your hair over, give it a shake and throw it back, they always go for volume maybe because humidity takes it all away. This specific look is natural. Colourfully dyed or straightened to death like Sienna Miller or La Moss is not really what the London Look is about. However, feel free to take inspiration if you feel that it suits you. 

5. Polish everything else

If you are dressing scruffy, the rest of you should be very put together, unless you want to look like Amy Winehouse (and you can totally go for that if that is your goal), however if you’re going for the perfect  London Look, good grooming is essential. One rule? Less is more! Good skin is essential, any tone is welcomed as you should know by now that you are doing You, and enhancing who You are. Lightly smudged black kohl, medium/thick eyeliner or just a slick of mascara, and nude lips, you can always alternate with less eye makeup and darker lips. Feel free to play with it to your taste.

6. Be eccentric

When styling, quirky accessories that seem too out there, maybe you wouldn’t normally use, take them, build your look around it, make it work, start with that holographic skirt or the fluorescent top, or maybe just those quirky sunglasses. Don’t be shy, embrace the stylish girl inside you. I bet you can go into your closet and build an eccentric version of you right know without having to buy anything. We buy clothes and accessories that speak to us in the store but once we get home we’re most likely to leave them behind probably because we're not brave enough to wear them. Well, it’s time to give them some use, I dare you to make it work! 

Hope this one has helped you, I see you in the next one. Till then..

Dream on,