“A boat is safe in the harbour. But this is not the purpose of a boat.” 

Do hard things with a great attitude, singing and dancing, with cheerful music on and soon it will be over and you will realise it wasn’t that bad.

Once it’s over, it’s over and you’re free to do everything else. The problem when you don’t get the hard things done is that they occupy too much space in your head, leave you uncomfortable and the idea of it just grows bigger and worse. 

Just get it done. Do it now. Commit to finish it before a certain deadline. Don’t stop, find the little things you enjoy in doing it and have in mind why you are doing it. What is the ultimate reason why you need to get that thing done?

Another thing you should have in mind is that if you want to have it done by Sunday you should have it totally finished at least by Friday.

As hard as it is you will have to do it at a certain point won’t you? So why not do it now and get it out of the way? The more you get done in one day the more satisfied you will be with yourself.

Some days we feel like there’s nothing to be done and that everything is sorted, but it’s kind of an illusion, truth is there always something to be done, even if it is just calling someone or making dinner. 

Plan your day in the morning, make a list with little squares in front of ever task and make sure you tick as many as you can before going to sleep. 

If you go to sleep late don’t wake up late to compensate, wake up early have a coffee start your day. Enjoy the mornings, they are the best part of the day, you will never feel like you have as much time in a day as in a day you wake up early and are ready to work at a time you would usually be asleep.
Cheer up, put some music on, organise your desk, and start. Now.

Hope you’re enjoying this Holiday Season, that your days are going smoothly and filled with love. *virtual christmas hug*

Dream on,