August 2015 Visiting my parent’s country house, looking much emptier and lighter has surely been a blow of fresh air. I’ve been so involved in work that visiting a calm and comforting space feels like a soft pat on my head. The nature, the silence, the house full of people, the lighter clothes, the natural light. Ah! For a moment I considered a humble life in the country side. But I guess that will have to wait, we have better things to do now. But let me share with you what I learned coming here for a few days.

It was upon a moment of “crash” that I impulsively said yes to my mom after her insisting with the question all week, the same day she was packing her things to go I called her saying “yes”, although I knew there would be no internet, no tv, left alone much to do in the surroundings.

And so we went, about seven of us in a big house my mom’s little dog and a cat. Everyone pretty independent doing their own thing, mostly the cat. Having time to think made me break down right on the second day. I realised I was putting a lot of effort the wrong way and in too many areas.

Doing a lot isn’t necessarily the best (or the worst), the trick is in doing less but the right things, cutting the unnecessary. This requires a little extra thinking before doing, the kind of decision we sometimes find hard to make.

A good wave that goes from busy to calm is what will keep us going. A nice easy way to get to where we intend. The “slow" and steady. It's not only important to look at WHAT we are doing but also HOW MUCH we are doing and WHERE we are putting all this work. And really consider if it’s worth the effort or necessary at all.

Stopping to redefine upon what we learned, is crucial for a personal growth. What are we doing that we wished we weren’t? What should be easier and is just too hard? Maybe there is a solution. Life doesn’t need to be hard. Be more flexible, consider something different for yourself, let go of what is not working and move on into the next chapter.

See you there,