Literally just came back from this intensive workout at the gym. I love the energy that it gives me, and how it refreshes my mind. (except from that 7 am class in which my brain is still hibernating) I still get impressed of how much our bodies can change with repetition. I used to think that gym was a matter of love it or hate it to see results. But it is just a matter of patience and repetition - the more you repeat the more you get fit. It doesn't need to be at the gym, it could be in your own room. If you workout once a week it will take a long time to see results or even pick up the habit itself. If you workout every day, it will be much faster, depending on how much you repeat a movement, that makes you either gasp after 10min or feel the muscles burning. So I guess the secret is to either love it or simply surrender to repetition (in which you are likely to get addicted, since you will actually see faster results). It's no magic, it's pure maths. The more you do the more you have. Sounds like life.

I stopped 'dieting' the day I increased my workouts. I started making more reps, from 15 to 50 to them 100. Going to the gym everyday became a rule, and going twice the variable. I used to restrain lots of foods (and I still do, not because of fitness but because of health) I can't stand the idea of feeling sick because of food, my stomach is a bit sensitive. But I do eat lots of chocolate, and things like that. I don't eat at specific times, nor go to sleep at specific hours. And by this I mean, if you're doing it all BUT exercising, it would become easier for you if you decided to start working your muscles, so that they can burn not only when you are at the gym or running outside, but also when you are sleeping or watching Youtube. Plus, you don't need to restrain what you eat as much, in fact, if you workout as I do, you can be quite liberal with food. You need energy to burn. 

Last but not least, water will help you stay hydrated, loose appetite when convenient, keep the metabolism up and clean off toxins. I try to drink 3 litres of water everyday (even though most of times I just get to 2).

About the looks, so excited to share this with you! I found this brand called Sweaty Betty that makes premium sportswear for women, combining modern designs with technical fabrics. I loved the quality of these, they not only hold a good shape, but they are also extremely comfortable compared to my other workout clothing. The blue ones are reversible, you can see both sides on the first and the second look. And the other ones are super lightweight, they are my favourite! I wore them today to the gym, so good! The material doesn't change colour with sweat or even feels wet! As if that wasn't enough, by wearing these I am supporting people who think like I do. Sweaty Betty is on this unstoppable mission to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness. Which is quite similar to why I started Silver Girl a year ago. To empower young girls to find out who they are and always own themselves. 

Thank you for reading today. Let me know which look you like best!
And here's both leggings in motion if you got curious! Reversible Leggings and Zero Gravity Leggings

Pink Sportsbra: H&M Grey Sportsbra: H&M • Yellow Sportsbra: H&M • Running Tights: Sweaty Betty • Reversible Yoga Leggings: Sweaty Betty • Trainers: Nike • Pink Jacket: Lija (similar)

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In collaboration with Sweaty Betty