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Don't you just love when you go out in the cold but it feels just as cosy as staying in bed? (or if you're like me, comfortably watching Youtube with your bare feet by the heater, sipping on coffee). Clothing like this makes Winter more tolerable for us who would really rather swing from Spring to Summer all year around.

Some Winter indispensables for me include the leather leggings (I mean, duh) comfortable leather ankle boots with a nice heel (ideally pointed), and of course, a vast collection of coats. Just like dresses in Summer, the coat in Winter is basically THE look. What I like about this one is that it totally feels like walking around with a blanket, but looks like you're going for afternoon tea with the queen. 

After about a year without experiencing proper cold, I found myself wearing this one only for the second time, although I got is about 2 years ago. (this is how much I avoid low temperatures).
I found some similar coats in this ‘cape’ style, with similar fur details, in case if you happen to be interested.

Let me know what’s one Winter piece you cannot live without? See you soon!