I'm in that point in life when you feel things on the verge to change in a form of an upside-down wave (that which goes down and then rises really high). If I sound weird, it is probably because it is how it feels. 

Paying attention to what everyone is doing and how everyone is reacting is exhausting, (yes, I am still taking about style and fashion). Now more than ever the best thing one can do in terms of style is to follow the mood-of-the-day (not the hashtag, but the way you really feel - or feel like dressing) if no rules was cool before, now it is actually the rule. So if you follow old rules you're failing to be modern. Makes sense? Let me explain.

If matching pink with purple and orange sounded horrible a year ago or so, doing it now is cool. Because you're being fresh, no one did it to a point you got exhausted of seen it everywhere, like button up skirts with turtle necks (that's definitely saturated, so you're probably being boring.. unless the top is as crazy as the shoes and you have a voluminous furry coat above all that). Also, don't spend too much time on your hair, and if you do, give it a shake before stepping out the door. Effortless is becoming the word of the moment, so if it looks like you've put effort into your look, you're not as in the moment in therms of style. - I guess people don't want to feel tired just by looking at each other. - But then again, effortless is relative (ex. a braid might sound like 1h hairstyle to some, and 10 sec without mirror for others) so you should really not care too much - careless = effortless (or almost). At the end of the day try to be quick, to not question it too much and to then not care.. which will make you look badass confident - the ultimate goal.

About the look, if you follow me on Instagram, you might already have come to the conclusion - I got inspired by Zayn's Pillowtalk to create this look. A touch of Kendall Jenner and LA mood. I actually got this top to join the ballerina trend and wear it with a long pleated skirt. But it just didn't feel like a skirt day to me. These boots are my latest obsession. I just can't believe I got them at Zara, it looks like something that would come from a designer. They are so well finished and look so expensive. As for the accessories, balancing bracelets in both arms is now cooler than wearing it all in one side. If it looks heavy or has more details, it might look more modern or expensive, that's why I got these also from Zara. The minimalism of it makes me believe that I will be wearing them a lot throughout the year.

Open Back Bodysuit: Zara • Black Jeans: Zara (similar) • Leather Belt: Massimo Dutti (similar• Bracelets: Zara • Leather Boots: Zara • Leather Clutch: Mango (similar) • Wide Sunglasses: ToyShades / Dolce&Gabbana / NoWeekends / Quay

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