Another day, another look - don't stop me now.. or maybe I am low-key referencing Freddie Mercury in this look. The concept of dressing like a rockstar suddenly seems like the highest way of dressing ourselves lately. It really requires some good sense and knowledge to know what you are referencing in your look. Looking back never been so cool, it's not retro it's iconic. 
From a Lolita look to a Jane Birkin in the 70's or a Britney in the 90's. It doesn't even need to be a rockstar. (that's just the category I like the most). 

I should definitely be putting these up faster. My memory of what happened a week ago is starting to resume itself to a few highlights. Thankfully I have the vlogs now, so if I happen to miss something, you'll be able to watch it on the video. 

I wore this look during Paris Fashion Week, on the second day for the Alexstorm show. I have to admit that the one I wore in the morning was so much better. In fact, I ended up wearing it again for the after parties with AALTO and KENZO. About the look, I found these vinyl trousers at Topshop the afternoon before flying to Paris. I already had this jacket from earlier that week, so I knew that it could potentially be a match. The hat is easily dispensable, but then, I'd hardly be overdressed... it's fashion week.
Did I even take another pair of boots to Paris? I did! (you'll see on the next one..) But these are way more comfortable, and I kind of should be wearing the Silver non-stop anyways, if you know what I mean.. I kind of am.  

miasoarez gucci vinyl pfw streetstyle