Feeling exceptionally good today for no particular reason. I just been loving the rhythm of my life lately. Waking up with the sun coming in, in the morning and going to bed.. late! I love it! There is something in the night that makes me more focused in whatever I am doing, and turns everything more enjoyable to me. I think it might be because there is a feeling that you're not actually missing anything outside, and temperature cools down a bit compared to day time where it is under 30ºC. I swear it makes me dizzy sometimes. haha :) 

I love a good denim piece. One with an almost vintage feel, in a particular colour, that is not too thin. To me seems more original and special. I can be quite picky with clothing, and denim is no exception. I think because I've been dealing more with high end pieces, and at the same time always shopped for seasonal trends at shops like Zara and Asos. If there is something I can promise to you is that when something is good, I will tell you. And the same goes if the clothing is not as good as I expected. If I didn't mentioned it on the post, you can ask me in the comments. 

This Denim Pinafore Dress is from Free People and it is one of my favourite purchases. It fits perfectly due to the denim being stretchy and the straps being adjustable. It is sexy without showing too much. Feels like a cleaver design. The only downside for me would be the length, as it felt slightly short. Still something I don't mind too much as long as it covers what's necessary. ;) It would also look much body-fitted if I were a cup C, but since I'm more of a Taylor Swift than a Kardashian, I am super ok with that! haha :) 

About the look, I decided to wear my new favourite bag from Chloe, (what a surprise!) and these super high Sam Edelman platform sandals. I feel like the details on the sandals go perfectly with the Jane bag, or as I nicknamed it 'Jane with fringes'. :) Wearing statement accessories with elegant not much elaborated designs, is for me one of the best ways to dress. If I happen to switch events I can just change shoes and bag and I am good to go. 

Thank you for reading.

Denim Pinafore Dress: Free People • Suede Shoulder Bag: Chloé • Platform Sandals: Sam Edelman • Leather Choker: Free People (similar) • Braided Bracelets: Similar here and here

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