I have been in such a happy mood lately, and today is no exception. I am loving to share these looks around the city wearing Asos dresses. We have discovered some stunning spots around here, where we decided to take the photos and film the looks. It has been a lot of fun. It is still more fun to film than edit (haha) which is why you will have to bare with me for a couple more days till the outfit videos start being shared. If you simply can't wait, I have a few already up from last Summer that you can watch here.

I guess I couldn't be more positive about this Summer, so much has changed in a year, I wouldn't possibly imagine receiving so much on the mail every week, or holding my own Chloe bag although I have always been a Chloe Girl by heart. Even looking at my Valentino's still makes me smile, since all of these first special luxury pieces will be forever remembered as the most special ones. 

I am now trying to show you more, in every social media, even when it is just for fun. Whether I am opening new mail, going to the hair salon or sick at home listening to music, like yesterday. Although I know that the days you love the most are the ones we are traveling, at the hotels or shooting new looks. 

About the look, there might be no reason not to love this dress. It is so fresh! It is perfect for those super hot days that you just need water every 10min. Since the halter neck is slowly becoming a trend in my closet, the 90's style chocker might be no surprise here, making the look perfect for any festival. The shoulder bag is my absolute all-time favourite Faye, that happens to go very well with my collection of leather bracelets that I've been collecting over time, and these lace up leather sandals from Zara. You can watch my opinion on the sandals on my last youtube video, unboxing a Zara delivery.

Denim Dress: Asos • Faye Bag: Chloé • Gladiators: Zara (Similar• Golden Bangle: Similar • Leather Bracelets: Similar here and here • Leather Choker: Urban Outfitters

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