DAILY STYLE: Yellow Maxi Dress & Rhinestone

"Waking up late feeling like it's 6am.. Hello Friday 😄✨" If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that first, I am such a night owl, and second, if I haven't slept you can obviously tell. I remember going to school in the 6th grade with these huge bags under my eyes (no, they were not Prada), I don't know what that was to be honest, but thankfully it doesn't happen anymore.
I took this photo a while back, I was  wearing a long pleated yellow dress from Asos, and one of my favourite bags from Chloe. I feel like Faye has been overshadowed by the Dionysus by Gucci. To be honest with you I like both of them, but although Gucci grew to be so Iconic, the quality that goes into this bag in particular always makes me love it more. I don't know, what do you think? Perhaps Chloe is preparing something really good for the next Spring/Summer. I am super excited to see what they will present on Fashion Week, I am sure it will be outstanding. 

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