Mia Soarez

Mia Soarez


DAILY STYLE: Unboxing Day!

Only about a week after arriving, I started to get used to London again. I was feeling a bit weird on the first couple days . My diet and workout routine fell completely apart. (well the diet not as much, but I wasn't eating much nor drinking any water).  I got in a really good mood the day many packages of gifts from brands started coming in, I was so happy! Perhaps I was feeling a bit sort of disconnected from life and so getting mail helped me feel connected again. I love trying out new products, they are usually quite good! Despite the fact that I am only sharing them because they were sent to me, my opinion is always honest and you will always know when I don't like something or haven't even tried it yet. I am such a kid when it comes to gifts, my face will give it all away. I would feel bad talking badly about something I don't like when someone is offering it to me. So in some cases I might highlight the way I use it instead, or how to make it better. And in the worst scenario, I will end up not even sharing it. Something that has happened more than once before. If I don't like it I'll be fine sending it back.

What would you do if a brand sent you something that you think it's not good?

DAILY STYLE: Off Shoulder & Leather Leggings