Mia Soarez

Mia Soarez


DAILY STYLE: New Year Resolutions

You will never meet your true potential if you don't push yourself up to the highest mountains till you can see the other side. And what a sad thing to go through this life without experiencing it to its fullest. What are we saving ourselves for? For 2017 I want more. More ups and downs, more learning and more thriving, more people, more places, more adrenaline and more love, more strength to keep going and more mindfulness to take it all in. I haven't seen the other side yet, and I want to see it all and share it with the world. In 2017 I wish for everyone to live more and experience more, to push your own boundaries and create your best memories so far. This year has been the best warm up for what's coming up. 🛩🌎

DAILY STYLE: Wonderful Days

DAILY STYLE: Friday Feeling