DAILY STYLE: Last Tan with Triangl Bikini

Another thing that is definitely not helping me adjust to the coming up season/weather is the fact that my tan will fade, not just a bit, but all the way. I really can't get enough of Summer, everyone gets in such a good mood, we workout more and eat healthier, we get a lot of vitamin D, and we hang out outside more, and we even travel more. Summer really stands out to me as the best season of the year. The best thing of Winter is Christmas, that's it! Haha, let me know if any of you agree, or if you actually would rather to roll up in cosy blankets and wear stylish coats and boots all year.

 I will just leave here the link for the post above wearingTriangl if anyone wants to have a look Kalpitiya look.

Paloma Arianca Bikini: Triangl