DAILY STYLE: Gucci, Ted Baker & Calvin Klein Watch

Living life in the now with Calvin Klein 💫🐝 Can't rave enough about this watch. Before you think it was given to me, well it was! But on my birthday. Some of my mom's friends gathered together to get me this watch. I've never seen someone that didn't know me too well get me something so on point! The brand, the colour and even the size. This watch is so me!

Funny fact about me though is that I used to wear watches every day on junior school I was so fascinated by having some sort of technology on my wrist, haha little did I knew that apple watch was coming! The funny part of the story is that although I felt quite cool with my wide collection of watches that matched my outfits (haha don't even try to imagine that!) I never bothered using them to check the time and many watches would have the time set wrong. I looked at it not as a practical object but as an accessory of styling. I would often wear my watches over my sleeves, because it felt so cool and original. 

Anyways recently I decided to wear my one and only, Calvin Klein watch with my Gucci Bloom Pumps and this stunning Ted Baker's Tunic Bouquet Dress. (yes, there will be an outfit post around this dress!)