It's good to finally have some time to put things together, and get back into work. The day started with two deliveries for this year's first collaborations. It's fantastic to hear about all these new brands, even when I get e-mails from brands just letting me know about something not so relevant to what I do, I sill like to reply back and  give some kind of feedback of their app, or service and wish them the best of luck with their idea. You have no idea the amount of creativity and the fantastic things that are being created, I have a couple coming soon that will blow your mind. So of course, needless to say that, getting to the stage where the packages start coming in, every time it feels like a long hug before playing. (you know, kindergarten greetings).

Now I am looking to get a good amount of things done, and out of the way, in the following weeks. This because I am really looking forward to get back on youtube with this whole new idea I came up with. In the meantime, I will have a style video of this look coming soon, which is also pretty exciting. 

About the look, I got this faux fur waistcoat for Christmas from my dad. I kew I wanted to style it casual chic so Lanidor and it's amazing quality just blinked at me. This blouse was naturally the perfect match to this waistcoat. Went with the black pants to keep it elegant cool, and the Valentino heels for that extra elegance. 

Faux Fur Waiscoat: Zara • Silk Blouse: Lanidor (similar here and here• Black Pants: Lanidor (similar here and here) • Leather Tote: Michael Kors (Net-A-Porter) • Rock Stud Heels: Valentino (Forzieri)

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